Helping Executors and Trustees

If you have been named the Executor under someone else’s Will a serious responsibility rests on your shoulders as regards the administration of that persons Estate.

Executors can be held liable in certain circumstances if the estate is not being properly administered. Most banks, superannuation and life insurance funds now require that Probate of the Will be obtained before they will pay out under their policy or release funds from their account.

Property may need to be transferred to the beneficiaries or sold and the proceeds distributed in accordance with the terms of the Will. Acting as Executor can be a very complex and burdening role. Don’t try to do it yourself. Get an expert on your side see McLaughlin & Associates.

We can act on behalf of the Estate in administering the Will, obtain Probate, deal directly with the banks, superannuation funds etc, payout all creditors and administer the Estate in accordance with the terms of the Will.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance.