Buying a Business

Buying a Business

Buying a Business Logan Springwood Brisbane

How can a business lawyer in Brisbane help you buy a business?

Buying a business and being your own boss is a wonderful dream, but it doesn’t always work out as you intended. That’s why you need a business lawyer in Brisbane who is on your side, right from the beginning,  helping you to decide which business to buy, managing the purchase and then helping you to protect your business against loss or litigation.

However, many people believe that running a business successfully is just a matter of hard work. That is wrong. Hard work alone is not enough! If you are looking to buy a business you should investigate it as thoroughly as if you are involved in a public takeover of a major listed company and engage the expert help of a business lawyer in Brisbane.

Many businesses are very successful and provide a substantial living for their owners, others however are a dismal failure. We all know that many businesses fail, leaving the owners in a desperate situation, often at the risk of losing the family home and other assets. As a potential business owner, you owe it to yourself and your family to obtain the best legal advice, from a professional business lawyer in Brisbane making sure that you have everything covered.

Some of the issues that need to be addressed when buying a business, include the following:

  • How does your takeover affect existing staff?
  • Will I be responsible for their long service leave, sick pay or holiday pay?
  • What Government fees (local and state) apply to the purchase?
  • What do I get when I pay for goodwill?
  • What structure should you choose? Sole trader, partnership or limited liability company.
  • How important is my lease?

For help buying your new business, don’t hesitate to call the leading business lawyer in Brisbane on 07 3808 7777 or send us an email.