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Selling a Business Logan Springwood Brisbane

As well as owning and operating his own small business for 30 plus years, John has assisted thousands of SME clients to get started in their own business and has worked with them through the good times and bad.

It All Starts At The Beginning

How best to structure your business at the outset is so very important from the point of view of a risk management, asset protection and tax effectiveness.

We can advise and aid you in getting the right business structure in place from the beginning, whether it be Sole proprietor, Partnership, Corporate structure, Family Trust etc

Leasing Premises

If you operate your business from bricks and mortar then you will be required to sign a Lease.  This is a critical document and many a business has failed because of a badly worded Lease which has been all in the landlord’s favour and so very detrimental to the business owner.

We know the things to look for in a Lease.  We know the key critical areas around which landlords try and trap unsuspecting tenants.  We will make sure your Lease is fair.

Buying Premises

As your business grows you may look to buy your own premises.  So often the best advice is the advice you receive before you sign the Contract.

We have saved many a client from making a costly mistake by being able to speak to them before signing on the dotted line.

Crucially, consideration needs to be given as to the entity the property should be purchased this will have long term consequences to your overall wealth portfolio with tax and risk management implications. You need to get this right at the outset. Changes later will be costly.

We also advise what special conditions should be added to the Contract to ensure you, the purchaser, are protected.  As well, and as importantly, we will advise what “standard” clauses should be deleted from your Contract.

We also advise what time frames should be put in place so you do not put yourself under unrealistic time frames that cannot be met and which may then jeopardise the whole deal.


Cash flow is king in business and nothing disrupts cash flow like recalcitrant clients/customers who do not pay their bills on time.  We can help with chasing up debts before they become “bad debts” and have to be written off. That is your money and hard work down the drain.


In the course of your business you may have a dispute with a supplier, customer, client or service provider – we can help, either to negotiate a solution, interpret a Contract or sue or defend legal proceedings.

Estate/Succession Planning

It is vital that all your hard work in creating a successful business is not wasted because you have not built it on solid foundations – we can help in ensuring that if something were to happen to you, your business will be in good hands.