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McLaughlin & Associates Lawyers

McLaughlin & Associates are the leading lawyers in Brisbane, specialising in conveyancing, commercial and business law, family law, Wills & estates, and litigation.

  • Conveyancing: MLC is a division of McLaughlin & Associates, and along with other legal services, specialises in conveyancing for the sale or purchase of rural, residential, commercial and industrial properties. We prepare, execute, verify and lodge all legal documents pertaining to the sale or purchase of properties, meeting your legal obligations and protecting your interests.
  • Commercial & Business Law: From buying or selling a business or franchise to leasing commercial premises and drafting Partnership Agreements, McLaughlin & Associates guide you through the legal complexities, ensuring that your risks are minimised and your interests maximised.
  • Family Law: We provide assistance with family law, including defacto relationships, divorces, same-sex couples, grandparent’s rights and property disputes. We can help you to navigate the complexities of family law and help you to fight the legal battles to deliver the results you require.
  • Wills & Estates: Leaving yourself without a Will is guaranteed to leave your family bereft with a host of potential legal battles to fight or at the least, the inability to access funds to help them through the immediate future. We can help you to write a Will for yourself or even to contest a Will, as well as creating enduring powers of attorney, powers of attorney, and help executors and trustees to administer a Will.
  • Litigation Lawyer: With the continuing increase in litigation over the past few years, access to an experienced litigation lawyer is essential for both individuals and businesses. Without a litigation lawyer on your side, attending court can be an overwhelming experience, ending in significant losses simply because you don’t understand the terminology and the processes of litigation. McLaughlin & Associates are highly experienced, so if you need a litigation lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact us today.
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