Access to Children

The terms, “custody”, “access” and “guardianship” are no longer used by the Family Court. Orders in relation to children now refer to:

  1. Residence – defining the person with whom the child is to live;
  2. Contact – defining the extent of contact between a child and another person;
  3. Specific Issues – defining various aspects of parental responsibility.

Both parents have full responsibility for the children until they reach the age of eighteen (18) years unless a Court orders otherwise. This does not change in any way should you decide to separate or remarry.

You both have responsibility for your children’s welfare, both on a long term and day to day basis. If you and your spouse cannot agree on these matters then you can apply to the Family Court to determine who is responsible for what. If you are able to agree then that agreement (called Consent Orders) should be filed in the Family Court so that the agreement can become registered with the Court and binding on both parties.

Grandparents and Step-parents also have rights as regards contact with children.

If you have any queries concerning your children please do not hesitate to contact us.